Someone thought Susan was Tig Notaro at the LA Impact Awards

Last weekend, my wife Susan and I attended the LA Impact Awards, an awards ceremony held by Family Equality Council every year to honor those advocating for LGBT rights.

We were so happy to attend the event! We worked the red carpet and met Sarah Toce of The Seattle Lesbian and Kersh Branz of Queer Mamas*. We also saw tons of celebrities like Sarah Paulson of American Horror Story, Kim Kardashian, and Julie Bowen of Modern Family. Our favorite comedian Tig Notaro was there — and someone mistook Susan for Tig!

It was hard not to have a blast that evening with so many individuals and groups in attendance who support the rights of the LGBT community and are working hard to make a difference. Just that evening, the attendees raised $400,000 for Family Equality Council.

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