US Soccer star Ashlyn Harris and partner team up to give moms a Willow pump

US Soccer star Ashlyn Harris and her partner, Ali Krieger, are giving away a Willow pump to moms in need. Moms are encouraged to share their personal  stories using the hashtag with #withwillow in hopes to show new moms they are not alone on the motherhood journey; which can sometimes feel isolating and stressful. Also, moms can enter themselves or another mom in need to win a Willow pump. Winners will be selected on June 2 at 10am PST.

After arguably the hardest year in the books for moms, Willow is taking a stance to inspire and enable moms to embrace their freedom not just from chords and outlets, but from society’s archaic impressions of what a mom should be and how a mom should behave.

In her Instagram post, Ashlyn states, “I want to lighten the load of another new mom whose journey may look a little different than mine. As members of the LGBTQ community in the public eye, Ali and I always try to push for representation, on and off the field— to show that people like us get happy endings too. But with the adoption of our daughter, Sloane, we’ve come to an even happier beginning. My motherhood journey’s been unconventional by societal standards, but beautiful all the same. And although I’m not pumping or breastfeeding, I understand how little time all moms have on their hands, especially working moms in the absence of parental leave and equal pay.”

Other notable celebrity moms who have joined the campaign, including professional surfer Bethany Hamilton, singer-songwriter Teyana Taylor and comedian Laura Clery.