Burien CARES owns their building now – and it’s a BFD

Burien CARES has purchased their building, adding security and longevity to the non-profit

On September 30, 2021, Burien CARES made it official: the non-profit animal care and control organization secured its FURever home! The months-long campaign leading up to the nearly $250,000 deposit to purchase the building they had been renting for approximately eight years was no longer a sought-after dream. In fact, for the thousands of animals rescued, returned to owner or adopted out to loving families, it was a dream come true.

Burien CARES Executive Director Debra George created the organization 10 years ago with a handful of local leaders. The group came together to embark on a journey to create a lasting legacy for Burien. Their first location was a small office in a back alley building where they had access to a phone, a few kennels and a lot of drive to make their inspired vision a reality.

Fast forward a decade later and the organization consists of 12 full-time/part-time employees, several who have been with the organization since its formation. As of December 2020, Burien CARES adopted over 3,000 animals equating to approximately 25-30 per month and more than 1,400 displaced animals have been returned home. When an injured animal arrives needing medical treatment, Burien CARES does everything possible to help – aided in large part by community donations and allocated funding for animals in need.

The community organization has positively impacted countless lives and become a trusted resource throughout South King County and, up until now, they have done so without a permanent place to call home. All of that changes now with the purchase of their FURever home.

“The purchase of our building means we now have the security and longevity to continue our work helping animals and their families for many, many more years to come – and I could not imagine a better outcome,” said George. “I want to thank all of our donors, volunteers, board members Denise Ferguson and Sarah Brusig, and Umpqua Bank for investing in our future as an organization.”

With the sale of the building behind them, Burien CARES now seeks “sustainers” to help with future needs, such as building taxes, vehicle maintenance for animal runs and hospitalizations, animal foster family needs, and so much more. To learn how you can help sustain Burien CARES well into the future, please visit BurienCARES.org. Want to volunteer your time? There are options for that, too!

Learn more about Burien CARES and get involved in changing the lives of countless animals and their FURever families by visiting BurienCARES.orgFacebookInstagramLinkedIn, and Twitter.