Seattle Women’s Chorus Gets the Party Started Feb. 4 

Come out and get the party started with Seattle Women’s Chorus on Saturday, February 4 for two concerts at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. at Seattle Town Hall. In celebration of 20 years, Seattle Women’s Chorus has a lineup of songs that are sure to start a party in the stands.

The show features music from artists like Lizzo and Pink to Lesley Gore and Nina Simone. Lesley Gore’s “It’s My Party” kicks off the show. A portion of the concert is dedicated solely to concert music, including “Look To This Day” by Amy C. Burgess and “Wide Open Spaces” by Sarah Quartel.

Most songs in the Get the Party Started line up are by female-identified composers which honor women’s experiences, struggles, successes and work towards a better future. In a historically-male dominated field, Seattle Women’s Chorus values music created by and for women and dedicates time and effort to ensuring those songs match the experiences of chorus members.

“It has to do with an important and less exposed voice,” Burgess, a featured composer, said. “I’m writing from a position of often being ignored and often not having the visibility of other people. I think that informs the topics that I choose to write about, it informs my empathy and informs my artistry. I’m thinking one step further about the people who might benefit from hearing specific messages or feeling seen just by the fact that I exist, and that’s important to me.”

Shows are family friendly and open to all. Seattle Women’s Chorus requires that singing members be fully vaccinated, boosted and tested negative for COVID-19. Masks are optional during performances. At this time, masking remains at the discretion of concert goers for all 2023 concert halls.

Tickets are available for purchase at