‘Cheer’ and ‘Queer Eye’ lead 2nd annual Critics Choice Real TV Awards

Jeff Probst Receives Critics Choice Real TV Impact Award; Netflix Tops Networks with Eight Awards

The Critics Choice Association (CCA) and nonfiction producers’ organization NPACT unveiled today the winners for the second annual Critics Choice Real TV Awards, which recognize excellence in nonfiction, unscripted and reality programming across broadcast, cable and streaming platforms. 

“Cheer” and “Queer Eye” led the winners, each taking home two awards – “Cheer” for Unstructured Series and Male Star of The Year Jerry Harris, and “Queer Eye” for Lifestyle: Fashion/Beauty Show and Ensemble Cast in an Unscripted Series.  The Culinary Show category resulted in a tie, with both “Chopped” and “Top Chef” honored.    

Netflix, which led the networks in nominations, also won the most awards, topping eight categories.  

“Survivor” host and executive producer Jeff Probst received this year’s Critics Choice Real TV Impact Award, for his ongoing contributions to the unscripted television industry.  Probst is a four-time Emmy Award winner for Outstanding Reality Host.  He has traveled the world serving as both host and executive producer for “Survivor,” which won the first-ever Outstanding Non-Fiction Program (Special Class) Emmy Award in 2001.  This year marked the 20th anniversary of “Survivor” and its 40th season.

To learn more about the Critics Choice Real TV Awards, see the full list of nominees, and all winners’ acceptance speeches, visit http://www.criticschoice.com/2020realtvwinners.

The honorees for the two peer-voted awards (Outstanding Achievement In Nonfiction Programming By A Network Or Streaming Platform and Outstanding Achievement In Nonfiction Production) are selected by the members of NPACT, the US association for nonfiction production companies. 

While the shows themselves are recognized by critics and the public in the other Real TV Awards categories, these awards celebrate the excellence and innovation that happens behind the scenes to create, develop, produce, and deliver every show to the viewing public.

Each show begins as a creative spark that is fueled by a collaboration between producer and programmer to ultimately become the finished program that’s enjoyed by viewers.  The nonfiction production community has come together, through NPACT, to acknowledge and celebrate the best of their colleagues and collaborators with these two awards.

For the Critics Choice Real TV Awards, Bob Bain and Joey Berlin serve as Executive Producers.  Michelle Van Kempen is Executive Producer for NPACT.


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